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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 9, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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at the guaranteed's lowest price.attresses ply no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. this afternoon san francisco supervisors will decide if they will remove suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi permanently from office but before that vote, mirkarimi sporters and critics alike are rallying outside city hall and cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is there with
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details. >> reporter: before that hearing, some supporters of mirkarimi met on the steps of city hall saying reinstate ross now and his wife is expected to join them and will be at her husband's side during the hearing. many believe his dispute with his wife doesn't affect his ability to do his job. many domestic violence victims advocates say there is a big conflict of interest here. somebody on probation for domestic violence should not be leading the sheriff's department. the case has played out for months at city hall and today, we should know whether or not mirkarimi will keep his job. he was suspended without pay after pleading guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment. his wife was bruised by the sheriff during an argument. mayor lee says he is not fit for office and tried to remove him. he testified before an etician commission that determined the
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sheriff was guilty of official misconduct. today at 2:00 the board of supervisors will meet and will hear from the ethics commission, from the mayor, from mirkarimi's lawyer and from the public and vote on whether or not he should keep his job. so back live at the scene, you can see those supporters of mirkarimi chanting, they are holding up signs, some of them say reinstate ross. also, others say do not steal our vote. nine out of eleven of those votes are needed to remove him. at city hall, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. in campaign 2012, right now president obama is headed to the battleground state of ohio after an overnight stop in san francisco. the stay was brief but he was able to replenish his campaign cash. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran with the president's message for supporters. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after he landed into sfo, president obama is on to the next part of his campaign
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trail. not without waving good-bye first. his fundraising here added $2 million to the campaign's $1 billion goal. with one month until the election, he told supporters at a rally and concert last night to get, quote, almost obsessive about this election. >> so i need you in this election. the next 29 days. we cannot afford to be complacent. >> reporter: this is the president's last visit to the bay area before the big day. from here the president heads to ohio a key battleground state which some say could determine his re-election. the cap pain shifts its attention to swing states. last night mr. obama urged voters to join him in the final push to reach out to voters in those states. he says he hopes to continue what he started four years ago. >> we passed healthcare reform, also known as aka obamacare. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the president also
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added his own sesame street sarcasm after governor mitt romney said he promised cuts to unnecessary funding like pbs. >> finally somebody is cracking down on big bird. [ laughter ] >> elmo is -- has been seen in a white suburban, he's driving for the border! [ laughter ] >> oscar is hiding out in his trash can. we're cracking down on them. governor romney's plan is to let wall street run wild but he is going to bring the hammer down on sesame street. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> the president's campaign rival mitt romney is in iowa this morning. the republican emphasized how his plan to cut taxes and create agricultural trade agreements would help american farmers. today's visit is part of a midwest push which will take him to ohio this afternoon. but before he hit the battleground states, the former
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governor ridiculed president obama's defense of sesame street. >> when the president took office 32 million people on food stamps. now there are 47 million people on food stamps. these are tough times with real serious issues. so you have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving big bird. >> romney plans to make stops in ohio four of the next five days. as the campaign heats up, is holding a series of presidential forums online. the candidates answering our questions. today's topic, the role of government, big versus small. jerry sandusky still maintains his innocence but a judge sentenced him to decades behind bars. cbs reporter randall pinkston has more from the courthouse. >> reporter: jerry sandusky wore a red prison jumpsuit and said nothing as he entered court to hear his sentence. the judge ordered him to spend 30 to 60 years behind bar or as the judge put it the rest of
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his life. it was his first public appearance since he was convicted in june on 45 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys. sandusky made a rambling state first saying i didn't do these alleged disgusting acts. he said he came to court hoping to his his wife there to support him. he said he misses his family and dog and read a letter from a child he said his charity helped. >> jerry never flinched from his position that he was innocent and that he wanted the opportunity to prove his innocence and that he would not entertain any plea offer. >> reporter: the most emotional moments of the hearing came from the victims all three in tears as they recalled being violated by sandusky. one of them said that sandusky told him he was the tickle monster so he could touch the 11-year-old's body. a prosecutor said sandusky's charity was, quote, a victim factory. >> i believe that the sentence that the court imposed today was wise, proper and it reflected the seriousness of the defendant's crimes.
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>> reporter: the judge said, you abused the trust of those who trusted you. your crime is not only what you did to their bodies but the assault to their souls. randall pinkston, cbs 5. three people including a crossing guard have been airlifted to the hospital after a hit-and-run crash this morning in antioch. witnesses say a car ran through the intersection near turner elementary school just after 8:00 before it flipped over. no word yet on any of the victims' injuries. two people reportedly ran from the car that crashed but were chased down by bye-bye standers. a veteran uc-berkeley police officer is in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. it happened in the precinct's locker room in the basement of sproul hall on campus at cal. the officer who has been with the department for about 20 years, was getting dressed for s.w.a.t. training when the gun fired off. nobody else was injured. campus police are now investigating the matter internally. >> when you deal with firearms
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on a daily basis, sometimes accidents do happen. you try and minimize the risk as much as you can. we may look at doing some training, additional training. >> the officer's name hasn't been released. his injuries are not life- threatening. the department says he was highly trained and they believe something must have gone wrong with his gun. sounds like a broken record. gas prices hit a new high. but why does it take longer to go back down? how consumers are partly to blame. >> and it's win or go home for the oakland as, they are prepping for their first home play-off game in six years. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we started out with a few scattered showers out along the north coast, right now some sunshine and clouds but we're not done with the rain chances yet. we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the drop follows the international monetary fun's assessme econom stocks started lower this morning. the drop follows the international monetary fund's assessment that the global economy is weakening a little bit. let's check the numbers. right now down 87 points. but still a little time to recover. how about the new iphone 5? owners have problems with the apple's map app. now an entire country has issues with it, as well. taiwan is asking apple to blur a map image of its new $1.4 billion early warning radar station. the station can detect aircraft and missiles coming from as far away as western china. taiwan's defense ministry says apple should follow google's lead in using only the low resolution satellite pictures to show sensitive facilities. some bad news, california has set a state record for gas prices for a fourth straight day.
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but good news, the hike may be slowing. the average price of regular jumped only a fraction of a cent overnight. that's compared to nearly 50 cents in the past week. it's now a bit over $4.67 a gallon. it's still the highest price in the nation and an all-time high for the golden state. of course what goes up generally comes back down but why such vastly different speeds? cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says a lot of it can be blamed on consumer behavior. reporter: why is it gas prices seem to shoot up overnight but take forever to come back down? according to economists, it could be your fault. when gas prices are on the way up, consumers are more willing to drive the extra mile to save an extra buck. ha. 4.85. so you may drive by, say, 4.85 in hopes finding something cheap air few blocks away. by comparison, $4.75 may seem like a steam. it's something station owners are well aware of. while they must raise prices to
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keep up with skyrocketing wholesale costs, they try to stay competitive out of fear you'll just drive by. but as prices level off comparison shopping all but stops and suddenly gas stations don't have to be as competitive. an ohio state study on the price comparison act gasbuddy found a 10-cent a week increase at the pump led to a 40% increase in comparison shopping. but as soon as prices even began to level off, that 40% almost immediately disappeared. you see, instead of comparing stations to each other, when prices start to drop, consumers begincompare them to what they were last week. and when that station that was charging 4.85 comes down to 4.75, all of a sudden comparison shopping just doesn't seem that important. so economists of blame consumer behavior for preventing prices at the pump from plummetting as fast as they shot up. gas station owners are only as motivated as their price- conscious consumers. julie watts, cbs 5. >> now, we should note there is
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another factor as wholesale prices increase, station owners often can't raise retail prices fast enough to keep up so they lose money on the front end. as prices come down, stations do have to wait until they sell through their more expensive gas before they can refill and even begin to pass lower prices on to you. if you want to save some cash, we're here to help you out a bit. go to just enter your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. how about some baseball is it a sellout crowd in oakland today. we'll watch the as try to keep their play-off hopes alive against the tigers tonight at 6:00. oakland dropped the first two games. the best-of-five series in detroit over the weekend. the as start brett anderson who hasn't pitched in three weeks after an oblique muscle strain but a miraculous regular season has a whole lot of people believing. >> swept the rangers the final three games and swept the seattle mariners the three games before that so it's very, very possible for this team to
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go into the series, sweep the next three games, take the series and then move on to the championship series. >> i agree! the team also confirmed that the tarp that covers most of the coliseum's upper deck will remain in place throughout the division series. it's unclear if that will change should the as advance to the next round of the play- offs. 10,000 seats up there. giants are at cincinnati also staring at an 0-2 mark. they lost the first two at at&t over the weekend. brian vogelsong are start today for the giants. first pitch is a little more than two hours away. if they win, and they better, barry zito will get the ball tomorrow. the giants have to win like the as three games in a row at cincinnati to advance to the nlcs. tomatoes packing a powerful health benefit. the anti-oxidant that could help reduce your risk of stroke. >> we have dusted off the doppler radar. we are getting ready for the prospects of maybe a couple of more raindrops in the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up.
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jured you're taking a live look right now at pier 39. this is in san francisco. that's where we have gotten word of an injured sea lion. take a look. the marine mammal center is expected to arrive any moment to rescue the sea lion. a photographer on the scene
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tells us although the sea lion looks ill, he has been moving his head and we are told he is entangled and he will be tranquilized to save his life to get the help he needs right away. >> poor guy. hopefully that can help him out. it is tuesday. another beautiful day. i was out there over in castro valley this morning, just gorgeous out. >> yeah. i think especially in parts of the east bay you're saying what rain but we did have showers show up a little early on along the north coast and there's still a slight chance we could see a few more. checking out your high-def doppler radar right now, you can see just a couple of raindrops off the coastline but rather quiet now we had an impressive line of showers early on but most of that moisture has been hanging off the coast. look at all those numerous lightning strikes off the coastline. you can see where the core of that low is and we're seeing some of those thunderstorms off the coast. now, doesn't like like those are going to rotate onshore but we could see a couple more bands of moisture moving in and that could bring a couple of raindrops especially at the beaches and you can see the core of the coastline the clouds swirling around that system and it's really a slow mover. so it's going to take another day or so before this moves out
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of town. out over the bay, it's looking good. a couple of those cumulus clouds beginning to pop up and we may see more into the afternoon. the temperatures comfortable at 68 in concord, 67 in san jose and 63 degrees in san francisco. i think as we sail in through the afternoon we'll see some of those clouds continuing to rotate on through. still plenty of sunshine so some mild temperatures. tonight should be partly cloudy and it looks like there's a slight chance of rain showers almost every day for the remainder of the workweek. it looks like that low remaining right off the coastline looks like slowly dragging down into southern california as we head in toward the next couple of days so it's going to swing some more clouds in our direction. temperatures not bad, though. 71 in san jose. 70 in milpitas. 69 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures running up in the 70s in many spots. and as you head inside the bay, 68 degrees in oakland, 64 expected high in san francisco. next couple of days keeping things unsettled. thursday should be dry. friday another weak system drops into the bay area bringing with it a slight chance of showers. over the weekend looking good. those temperatures warming up
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to 80 in some of the hottest spots. but hey, that doppler is up and running. i expect we'll be using it a lot more in the coming weeks and months. >> a little rusty. >> we need the rain too. >> absolutely. thank you. >> we have all heard the saying, you are what you eat. >> but what if what you ate could save your line? vinita nair explores the link between tomatoes and strokes. >> reporter: 28-year-old seth jones tries to eat a healthy diet. >> i prefer to maintain a vegetarian diet but i do eat meat on occasion. >> reporter: now a new study shows those tomatoes could lower his risk of stroke. researchers followed about 1,000 men in finland and tested their blood for lycopene found in tomatoes and tomato-based foods. people with the highest amounts of lycopene in their blood were 55% less likely to have a stroke. >> lycopene is an anti-oxidant so it may help prevent damage to the walls of our blood
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vessels. >> reporter: nutritionists say you can get more lycopene from a tomato by cooking it. it breaks down the tomato's cell walls and makes it easier for your body to absorb the anti-oxidants. more research is needed to confirm the study's results. but experts say everyone should still eat more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. >> we're not just talking about stroke. we're talking about high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease. a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent chronic disease. >> reporter: seth says he is glad what's for dinner could help his health. >> probably pizza, maybe pasta. >> reporter: his grandfather died from a stroke so he is hoping this new research could prevent one. vinita nair for cbs news, new york. so what is up with this
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dog? the picture that's causing him to sneeze uncontrollably. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with beautiful red grapefruit coming into the market right now. they are coming in the new crop they are big, they're beautiful, they're loaded with flavor. and take a look at them. come over here. look how beautiful that is, that to me is a grapefruit.
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no sugar needed. selection and storage is importantly. when you buy them, shiny all the way around like all citrus heavy for their size a little pink or light red also very okay. as a matter of fact, that's when it's the best. when you bring them home like all citrus, always on the counter. when i say that this new crop of grapefruit coming into the market is a must, it's a must and not only that, it's a dietary food probably the best one. let's face it, 35 calories per serving, loaded with nutritional value. they are great for us. new crop, red grapefruit in the market, ah! so good. and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. watch this. >> he did take a bite. >> that's sweet. >> there we go. i thought he wasn't going to. >> thought he would wimp out. went for it. they are great. a little dinner seasoning was a little too much for one family pet to handle. take a look. this youtube video shows a poor pooch named oliver who could
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not stop sneezing! poor guy. his owner says oliver was sensitive to the black pepper from the family dinner that night. obviously. no word on how the family got him to calm down. but poor little guy. >> poor guy. >> did they clean the couch? >> hope they did. >> he won't be coming back to dinner. that's it for cbs 5 news at noon. enjoy the beautiful day. captions by: caption colorado measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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